Message from Head of School

shulamitroth800Chanoch lana’ar al pi darko”(Mishlei 22:6.) A product of Shlomo HaMelech’s timeless wisdom, this dictum to “Teach each child according to his way” is the cornerstone of chinuch, education, in Jewish homes and schools around the world. This essential Jewish value guides how we converse with, instruct, care for and engage our children to maximize their personal growth. The Malbim (ad. loc.) explains that the messages and lessons we impart endure only if we first consider each student’s individual talents, personalities, strengths and vulnerabilities and then instruct each student according to his or her identity as a person and as a learner. Only a child who is appreciated for who he or she is as a whole person can retain Torah lessons that will last a lifetime.

Shlomo Hamelech’s veracious message informs Yeshivat Shalshelet’s mission. Provided with tailored methodologies, meaningful connections and a loving environment, each and every child will not only be able to learn, but will be poised to thrive. The careful design of Yeshivat Shalshelet’s approach reflects the ethical imperative that informs Jewish life and practice - the values of kindness, compassion, integrity and respect. By understanding each student’s academic and personal profile, Yeshivat Shalshelet seeks to empower its students to recognize their unique role in our community and impart them with an everlasting Jewish education. As the name Shalshelet symbolizes, at our Yeshiva’s core is the value of each child as an individual link in the chain of our binding Mesorah. It is our communal responsibility to provide each link with access to learning and growth while enjoying an immersive Yeshiva experience. Yeshivat Shalshelet hopes to reinforce within our community the notion that each precious neshama has a singular position; without each link, the chain is incomplete.

Shulamit Roth, M.S., CCC-SLP

Founder, Head of School