Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Vision Values

Our Mission

Yeshivat Shalshelet is a yeshiva day school for children with language-based learning differences. Through Shalshelet’s carefully designed special education dual curriculum, small group learning structures, and direct instruction, students become academically skilled, confident lifelong learners, who can navigate the academic landscape. We view thinking differently as a strength to be nurtured, and celebrate each of our student's individual talents and intelligence. Our program produces students who are poised for academic, spiritual, and social-emotional success in a mainstream educational environment.

With a rich experiential learning program led by strong Torah role models and co-curricular programming, our students grow to be active members of the Jewish community, who are committed to a lifestyle of Torah and mitzvot. Our school emphasizes the ideals of middot and chesed, and values the centrality of Israel in our daily lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a yeshiva day school education where Jewish students with learning-based language differences are equipped with the foundational skills for both academic success and spiritual connection.

We dream of a world in which students with language-based learning disabilities are empowered by their differences—where thinking differently isn't stigmatized, but considered a strength.

We envision students who feel confident in their ability to succeed in becoming whoever they want to be—both during their time at Shalshelet and beyond.

Our Values

Through our unique curriculum, we maximize our students' full potential and empower them to believe in their own abilities, intelligence, and talents.

We believe that every person is worthy of respect, regardless of the way they think and learn. We place a strong emphasis on students respecting each other, our teachers and staff, and themselves.

We appreciate the varied journeys our students and their families have taken to arrive at Shalshelet, and meet each one where they are to successfully integrate them into our school community.

Our students often struggle with their invisible disability, which has hindered them academically, socially, and spiritually. We focus on kindness both to others and to oneself on the path to unlocking each student's full potential.

We emphasize the ideals of middot and chesed on daily basis, including integrity, fairness, and honesty.

Our program is designed to foster a strong sense of self-advocacy, self-awareness, and self-confidence in our students. We cultivate a sense of pride in themselves, their abilities, and in being a Shalshelet student.