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With heartfelt gratitude, we thank everyone who showed their support for Yeshivat Shalshelet at our community event—those who attended, those who donated, and those who spread the word far and wide.

Thank you to our event co-chairs, Jenn Bieler, Shana Kalman, Adam Reich, Rachel Schechter, and Rochella Treitel, for their tireless efforts to make last night's event a success.
As with all yeshiva day schools and specialized support programs, donations are critical to ensuring that we can continue to help our students thrive. 
We are proud to be the first yeshiva day school for children with language-based learning differences. With your help, our students are thriving academically, social-emotionally, and spiritually. Their self-confidence and sense of belonging have improved greatly, and they are poised to become strong members and future leaders of our Jewish community.




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